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The World Lost $2.9 million to Cybercrime Every 60 Seconds Last year

A shocking report by RiskIQ, a cybersecurity company found that the world economy lost $2.9 million per minute to cyber criminals in 2018.

This totaled to $1.5 trillion over the twelve months.

The same analysis also discovered that attacks cost established firms $25/minute last year, and breaches on cryptocurrency transactions cost firms $1,930/minute in the same span.

RiskIQ conducts yearly analysis of cybercrime data to give merchants a picture of the overall risk levels of cybercrime in the open internet. It specifies how much businesses loose to fraudsters per minute to give a better view of the situation. 

According to the report, cybercriminals used different attack methods last year. Some of them include;

  • Malvertising
  • Phishing 
  • Supply-chain breaches

More findings showed that phishing attacks led to losses worth $17,700/minute in 2018.

Business Should Narrow Down Their Analysis To What Could Happen In Minutes

 As the online market grows, cybercriminals are finding more ways to attack. RiskIQ gathered data linked to online fraud last year and analyzed the findings. The goal of the study was to reveal the impact of fraud on the internet per minute.”

This is the third version of the annual analysis on the level of cyber attacks all over the internet. RiskIQ’s analysis depends on investigations from its international cyber threat intelligence crew and data from other credible researchers to help companies understand the challenge they face in the internet.

Businesses need a wider scope of the risk of cyber attacks if they are going to deal with the problem. They must be cautious of the possibility of more breaches with more sophisticated tech and tactics and be ready to implement necessary security measures.

Today’s criminals are constantly looking for loopholes. And with the growing popularity of website and browser attacks, firms must now narrow down their analysis to the danger they face in minutes. 

Companies must now be aware of the dangers they face in the open internet past the firewall and rework their existing security approach.

Final Words

RiskIQ’s study may help business discover the seriousness behind cybersecurity and take the necessary steps to protect themselves. 

Author Bio: Electronic payments expert Blair Thomas is the co-founder of high risk payment processing company eMerchantBroker. He’s just as passionate about assisting businesses get chargeback insurance as he is with traveling and spending time with his dog Cooper.

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Every Website Needs a Firewall: Here’s Why

Although a reliable and secure hosting platform can protect your site to a great extent, it is not enough. With more websites being built and an increased volume of data being exchanged every minute, there is a growing need for website security. Add Google’s mandatory requirement of a secure site, and you have all the more reason to strengthen your site’s security. That is where your site needs applications like a firewall.

A web application firewall or WAF helps your site in the following ways –

  • Creates a set of rules and guidelines for website protection
  • Blocks unwanted web traffic to your site
  • Protects from DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, malicious scripts like SQL injection, and more such harmful events that can compromise your site data.
  • Provides temporary, virtual patches for content management platforms like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc. much before they release their own official patches, and saves your site in the meantime.

A firewall is more of a proactive measure rather than a reactive one. In most cases, you can be sure of a firewall to safeguard your site from any probable threats. But even if in the worst case scenario, there is an attack, you still have a better chance of fixing the problem faster, rather than doing expensive damage control.

If you are still contemplating on whether to use a WAF or not, here are a few more good reasons to help you make a better decision.

You can expect a better site performance

A Web Application Firewall can also increase the speed and performance of your website. It uses caching techniques which help store the site data, especially the static one, in a subdirectory, thus reducing the time lag between a query and retrieval of information. And a better loading time always results in better traction on your site.

Because HTTPS is not enough

While a security certificate passes off a site as safe to browse, it is not the ultimate level of security measure. Just adding a security layer on your website protocol will not stop hackers from doing what they do best and accessing your site data. An SSL is a means of validation of your site’s authentication and safety clearance and not a program that can save your website from a crash or lose customer data. You need something more, and a firewall is a proven means of addressing the same.

Hacking can cause you long term losses and not just financial ones.

Hacking is not always intentional. As surprising as it may sound, most cases of hacking are not targeted towards bringing down a website or a business. Sometimes, it is all about using your website as a channel to send spam messages. All they want to do is inject malicious code on the backend and access your mail database. This might not directly hurt your core business but will cost you in terms of site performance and reliability. So, hacking is not always about the identity or data theft or stealing from your bank accounts but also about losing the trust and confidence of your customer, or your reputation as a company.

Summing up…

One of the best ways to install a WAF is with your hosting provider. Most reliable cloud hosting services in India offer firewall applications as a part of their service package or for a small fee. Spending the extra buck now can save you from a far bigger expensive affair in the future.…

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Moving to The Cloud: What are The Benefits?

For the past few years, cloud solutions have been conquering the planet at the speed of light. Whether you own a flower shop or deal with financial trading equipment, moving a part of your business to the cloud can substantially improve its output and boost profits.

What are the benefits of moving your business to a cloud? Let’s take a closer look.

Fast and Easy Collaboration

Do you remember the days when you had to hold meetings to discuss a project and it required bringing people across your organization all into one room? Those days are gone. One of the simplest ways to cut significant amounts of time and major costs is to collaborate with business and project management programs based in the cloud.

Moving your software to the cloud provides your employees with an opportunity to work on a project regardless of their location or time zone. You can work from any device, at any time, and in any place as long as you have internet access. Connectivity experts, like, have long understood the value of the cloud, as reflected in many of their telecommunication solutions.

Quick Assessments of Your Financial Situation 

Small business accounting can be tough. It usually requires a lot of time and effort coupled with fixing inevitable mistakes. Cloud accounting software makes it easy to outsource some of the accounting tasks to remote specialists.

This approach doesn’t just save you substantial amounts of money but also improves the accounting process. Meanwhile, you can get easy access to all the financial reports from the comfort of your own home at any time.

Lower Equipment and Rental Costs

The larger your business is, the more equipment it requires to run smoothly. Besides purchasing the equipment and hiring specialists to maintain it, you need to rent space to house it.

By moving just some of your operations to the cloud, you cut the costs significantly. Usually, cloud service providers offer reasonable payment plans depending on the digital space you need and the time you spend using it.

 At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the scalability of your business. The cloud offers you space and functionality according to the needs of the growing company.

Improved Security

Storing your information and software on the cloud takes much of the burden off the physical security of your servers. You don’t need to worry about natural disasters, for example, a flood or hurricane putting you out of business for a long time.

If you use cloud servers, they are likely to be located in several different locations. Meanwhile, the data recovery services for cloud servers are top-notch. At the same time, these servers are protected by some of the best hack-prevention software.

Should You Move to The Cloud?

The majority of companies in banking and retail are already considering moving to the cloud. The numerous benefits such a move provides is likely to force your competition to do it shortly. Consider your options to stay ahead of the game.…

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Sich Um Die Umwelt Zu Kümmern Beginnt Mit Der Fähigkeit, Sich Selbst Umzusehen

Eines der wunderbaren Dinge an der Elektronik ist, dass es uns befähigt, echte Änderungen vorzunehmen. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Lebensbereichen, die sich unermesslich anfühlen, als es sich jeder von uns erhoffen könnte. Wenn man diese Probleme in Betracht zieht, kommt es normalerweise nur auf den Mangel an geeigneten Werkzeugen an.

Und in dieser Idee sehen wir, wo Elektronik unsere Beziehung zu Dingen verändern kann. Betrachten Sie zum Beispiel den Umweltschutz. Umweltverursacher konzentrieren sich auf die Idee, die Erde zu schützen und bestehende Schäden zu heilen. Aber wie geht man ein Problem an, das so groß ist wie der gesamte Planet? Die Antwort liegt wieder in der Elektronik. Zunächst betrachten wir Gebiete, die der Welt Schaden zufügen. Eines der offensichtlichsten ist Müll und übermäßiger Energieverbrauch.

Als nächstes können wir untersuchen, wie wir einige dieser Faktoren mithilfe von Technologie ändern können. Der beste Ansatz ist es, Bereiche zu betrachten, die beide Punkte berühren und sich im Laufe der Jahre nicht wesentlich verändert haben. Ein gutes Beispiel ist die Standardbeleuchtung. Glühbirnen erzeugen sowohl in der Herstellungs- als auch in der Entsorgungsphase eine große Menge Müll. Außerdem neigen sie dazu, Strom auf ziemlich veraltete Weise zu verbrauchen.

Es gibt jedoch einige gute Möglichkeiten, die allgemeine Idee einer Glühbirne zu verbessern. Und noch besser, es verbessert die umweltschädlichen Punkte, die wir angesprochen haben. Die besten modernen Lösungen konzentrieren sich auf LED-Beleuchtungstechnik. Es geht aber auch darum, wie man sie optimal nutzt. Wir neigen dazu, LED-Beleuchtung als einen einzigen Gegenstand zu betrachten. In Wirklichkeit ist es jedoch besser, sich das ganze Gebiet der Technik vorzustellen.

Eine LED ist im Grunde genommen nur eine Methode, mit der Elektrizität in Licht umgewandelt wird. Und dieses Licht wird wiederum in sogenannten Lumen gemessen. Mit Lumen können wir auch die Äquivalenz zwischen verschiedenen Beleuchtungssystemen vergleichen. Bei der Umstellung auf LED-Systeme sollte zunächst geprüft werden, wie viel Licht tatsächlich benötigt wird.

Wir können die aktuelle Beleuchtung des Bereichs testen und dann das LED-System skalieren. Aber es ist normalerweise besser, sich von Vorurteilen zu entfernen. Anstatt zu fragen, wie die Dinge zuvor gemacht wurden, können wir stattdessen die optimalen Bedingungen untersuchen. Dies stellt auch sicher, dass wir die Effizienz eines neuen Systems demonstrieren können, wenn andere daran interessiert sind.

Ein LED-basiertes System bietet noch weitere Vorteile. Eines der größten ist, dass sie dazu neigen, modernere Konstruktionsprinzipien zu verwenden. Dies macht es viel einfacher, ein LED-System in computergesteuerte Steuerungen einzubinden. Dadurch können wir noch mehr Umweltverbesserungen erzielen. Eine LED verbraucht bereits weniger Strom als herkömmliche Glühlampen. Und sie halten länger, was weniger Abfall bedeutet. Wir können dies jedoch verbessern, indem wir die computergestützte Integration in Betracht ziehen.

Ein Computer kann auf einfache Weise signalisieren, dass das Licht zu einer bestimmten Zeit ein- oder ausgeschaltet werden soll. Lumenbasierte Sensoren sind auch relativ kostengünstig. Diese können in das System eingebunden werden, sodass sich die Beleuchtung automatisch einschalten kann, wenn das Umgebungslicht von Fenstern einen bestimmten Punkt erreicht. All dies zusammen kann eine Vielzahl von Optionen schaffen, die der Umwelt helfen.…

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Things You Did Not Know About Legalized Cannabis

The legal cannabis industry is growing in the U.S. As Canada prepares to fully legalize marijuana it looks like the future may hold such a fate stateside as well. Despite the restrictions, and the ban for recreational cannabis in most states, legal medical marijuana is still making a lot of money. As the industry continues to grow more and more cannabis suppliers are appearing. The state of Washington was the second state in the U.S. to fully legalize recreational marijuana. The initiative, called 502, passed in 2012. Washington will certainly not be the last state to do this, but the road to full country-wide legalization is still a long way off. If you are surprised to find that cannabis is legal in two states, here are some other things you do not know about the Cannabis industry.

Marijuana has Its Own Laws

There are indeed rules and regulations imposed on legal cannabis. For instance, you cannot light up a doobie in a public place. This means no smoking hash on the sidewalk, inside a federal park, or other public places. This law makes it akin to smoking regular cigarettes. The only places you can toke up is in the comfort of your own home, or specifically licensed establishments. Discretion is the key here, and a wide margin of the public does not want secondhand weed smoke. There is also a limit to how much cannabis a person can purchase and carry. In Washington it’s up to one ounce of cannabis at a time, sixteen ounces for edibles, and 72 ounces for liquids. It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. There are also laws focused on its cultivation, transportation, purchase, and consumption by minors. It is very important to know these laws before treating yourself to cannabis both recreational and legal.

There are Marijuana Events

In legal states like Washington there are recreational events that are fused with cannabis. These events span from marijuana infused yoga classes, to cannabis infused message treatments, and even ganja infused art classes. There are also events focused on the consumption of cannabis. Just look for Washington cannabis info to find links to interactive calendars. Washington even has a tour known as the Weed Bus that travels to cannabis and hemp events. Consumers get a fun night out of food, education, and even their own goodie bag.

There are 420 Hotels

A 420 Hotel is of course a hotel that allows the smoking of grass on the premises. If you plan to visit Washington to take advantage of legalized Cannabis, this may be a place to stay. 420 Hotels extend into other types of lodging as well. The goal is to give visitors some place safe to enjoy a Mary Jane. As cannabis is legal in Washington, even people passing through might grab a flower while in town. It is a treat you do not experience elsewhere. As Washington still has lows regulating consumption, a 420 Hotel gives visitors the ability to safely consume marijuana in the comfort of their own room.

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Why Your Business May Need to Have Its Own Vehicles

As a business owner you may think purchasing a company vehicle is unnecessary. It may seem like a waste of money, but these vehicles are very helpful in getting the most out of the services you offer customers. Company vehicles allow staff to be faster and more efficient in getting the job done. These vehicles are also a good way to advertise to the public what services you offer. Company vehicles will have the business name, the phone number, and a list of services to choose from. Company vehicles are beneficial because your staff can carry more equipment, you can hire more workers, and you can services more customers.

Carrying More Equipment

Company vehicles are important to getting business done depending on the type of vehicle you have. If your employees need to deal with a lot of equipment it can be tough getting around without the right vehicle to help transport the things they need to get the job done. Without the proper vehicle, employees have to make several trips, or other staff members have to break away from what they are doing to help and in the end, it is all counterproductive.

Hiring More Workers

Company vehicles allow you to hire more workers to get stuff done. Workers can work in teams, and have help carrying the equipment out of the vehicle at the job site. They can also work together at the job site to get the work completed much faster. This is a great idea for project that require several steps. One employee will experience less burnout with the help of a team. It also allows the possibility of employees mastering their role in getting the service completed.

Servicing More Customers

You might consider getting as many vehicles as you need to get the work done for your customers. just starting out you might find yourself handling a single customer at a time. With more employees and more vehicles, you can be in many places at a time. That is a far more profitable model, as long as all the employees are skilled professionals. Hire employees you can insure and employees you can trust so they can free take the vehicle to complete assigned projects and start the process of building a great reputation for your business. If you think you are interested in getting something for your staff to ride in you should search for a fleet vehicle.

Some companies rely on employees to use their personal vehicles to get things done. Some businesses may even be looking to hire employees that are already owners of the type of vehicle they will need to carry the equipment. This requires the company to look for workers with good insurance. The business must also manage several insurance certificates and always make sure their workers’ insurance remains current. Purchasing company vehicles is a way around that stress. Buying a company vehicle works because staff can carry more equipment, you can hire more staff, and you can service more customers.

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Renting Computers Should Be Considered If You Have Important Work to Do

There are a couple of common scenarios for the readers to consider when dealing with computers. One scenario affects the college student, who’s computer messes up in the middle of the semester, while he still has projects to finish. Another scenario involves a programmer who needs to write a program to work for a specific operating system but does not have the specific machine that that computer works with. The solution to both problems is simple, both people in both scenarios will need to rent a computer.

Renting a computer presents a solution for anyone who needs a computer for a specific purpose. Most people who don’t own computers can use their smartphone, or the computers at the library when they need to use a computer. This is not enough for the person who needs a computer longer than the library’s operating hours. Renting a computer is the ideal solution for people who need to finish projects involving computers but cannot afford to buy a computer permanently. Most rental companies have daily, weekly, or monthly rental periods for the computers, and there is a choice between Mac and PC.

There are a series of different places where computers can be rented for a specific period of time. If you need to know where to rent a computer, it is important to measure both your specific needs for the system, and the budget you have. One group that offers computers for rental are rent to own facilities. They will allow you to make payments until you own your computer. The one drawback is the high interest charged for items as part of the payment plans. Anyone considering this route should consider that, especially if there is an intention to buy a computer eventually.

There are also businesses dedicated to renting computers to individuals or businesses. These companies will usually charge by the unit, they will offer desktops or all in ones, and they will be capable of supplying multiple units at one time. These companies also rent gaming computers for conventions and tournaments. These rental companies are either affiliated with local companies or will mail your hardware to you. They can give you your hardware made to your exact requirements, and they will install the operating system and software of your choice

It must be stated that you must do homework on these rental companies before you decide to rent. Determine the purpose and need for your machine, your budget, and the system requirements necessary to you. Do not simply visit the company’s homepage, it’s better if you visit other sites to look for reviews and more information on the company. Think of a series of questions to ask the rental agents and compare and contrast the answers. Speaking of phone numbers, please make sure the company you are interested in has a series of contact options, including a phone number, and a physical location. If you are able to, visit the location so you can view the available merchandise, talk to a real person you can match with a name and face, and know who to refer to when you have any issues.