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Things You Did Not Know About Legalized Cannabis

The legal cannabis industry is growing in the U.S. As Canada prepares to fully legalize marijuana it looks like the future may hold such a fate stateside as well. Despite the restrictions, and the ban for recreational cannabis in most states, legal medical marijuana is still making a lot of money. As the industry continues to grow more and more cannabis suppliers are appearing. The state of Washington was the second state in the U.S. to fully legalize recreational marijuana. The initiative, called 502, passed in 2012. Washington will certainly not be the last state to do this, but the road to full country-wide legalization is still a long way off. If you are surprised to find that cannabis is legal in two states, here are some other things you do not know about the Cannabis industry.

Marijuana has Its Own Laws

There are indeed rules and regulations imposed on legal cannabis. For instance, you cannot light up a doobie in a public place. This means no smoking hash on the sidewalk, inside a federal park, or other public places. This law makes it akin to smoking regular cigarettes. The only places you can toke up is in the comfort of your own home, or specifically licensed establishments. Discretion is the key here, and a wide margin of the public does not want secondhand weed smoke. There is also a limit to how much cannabis a person can purchase and carry. In Washington it’s up to one ounce of cannabis at a time, sixteen ounces for edibles, and 72 ounces for liquids. It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. There are also laws focused on its cultivation, transportation, purchase, and consumption by minors. It is very important to know these laws before treating yourself to cannabis both recreational and legal.

There are Marijuana Events

In legal states like Washington there are recreational events that are fused with cannabis. These events span from marijuana infused yoga classes, to cannabis infused message treatments, and even ganja infused art classes. There are also events focused on the consumption of cannabis. Just look for Washington cannabis info to find links to interactive calendars. Washington even has a tour known as the Weed Bus that travels to cannabis and hemp events. Consumers get a fun night out of food, education, and even their own goodie bag.

There are 420 Hotels

A 420 Hotel is of course a hotel that allows the smoking of grass on the premises. If you plan to visit Washington to take advantage of legalized Cannabis, this may be a place to stay. 420 Hotels extend into other types of lodging as well. The goal is to give visitors some place safe to enjoy a Mary Jane. As cannabis is legal in Washington, even people passing through might grab a flower while in town. It is a treat you do not experience elsewhere. As Washington still has lows regulating consumption, a 420 Hotel gives visitors the ability to safely consume marijuana in the comfort of their own room.